Vertcoin is a new virtual currency that is designed to resist the usage of ASICs to mine. To do this, some changes had to be made that disallow the usage of a standard miner. At first, Vertcoin was CPU only, due to the lack of cgminer and cudaminer. Users were only able to mine in the wallet application. Since 1/11/2014, cgminer for linux and windows has been released. We have also seen pools modified to handle the new proof of work pop up.

List of Pools:

(changes every 2 minutes, wait 30s if blank, list auto refreshes)
*[WARNING]: Pools with this symbol are at or over 33% network hash. mining on the largest pool can cause problems with the coin. Please choose one of the smaller pools. The smaller pools are automatically moved to the top of the list every 3 minutes.

Do you have an MPOS pool that is not listed?

Send an email with the URL to the pool and an API key (please not the admin key, create a dummy user) to and I will get you listed! If your site has SSL, please specify this also.

P2Pool List:

This site has a list of P2Pools


To mine this coin, you will need to either solo mine using your CPU only via the wallet or use a customized cgminer application. To solo mine with the wallet software, open the wallet and go to Help > Debug Window > Console and type:
setgenerate true [cores]
Where [cores] is the number of CPU cores you wish to mine with. You can stop mining by typing:
setgenerate false

Download Vertcoin customized cgminer mining software:

Please visit to download the latest mining software.

Visit us on IRC:

We can be found on in #vertcoin using your favorite IRC client, or using the Freenode Webchat client.

Block Explorers:

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